Friday, March 17, 2006

I am a scary green-eyed monster...
I have a rule about not allowing anyone to pinch me, unless I'm sleeping with him on a regular basis. My "no-touchy" vibe keeps strange pinchers (and huggers...and inappropriate strokers...and hand-holders) away anyway.

Since I have green eyes, I'm immune to the St. Patrick's Day Pinch. Good thing, because nearly every single piece of clothing I own is black or gray. Just as an extra precaution, I decided to put this mermaid tattoo on the inside of my forearm.

Can't look me in the eye? You get the arm.

Maybe next year I'll get into why I'm ashamed of my Irish heritage. I feel like I couldn't be fair right now, as I watched a very loud, very long parade of drunken old people march down the street in the name of St. Pat in front of my office first thing this morning, after I threw down with a dozen stumbling bagpipers who were swilling devil juice in my parking spot. Want to fight about it? You'll have to wait until 2007.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the streets clogged with drunken bagpipers a-pinching... I steered clear, stayed home, rented "Walk the Line," and fell in love with June Carter all over again...

  2. Bagpipes are the reason I hesitate to tell people about my Irish heritage. Nice blog!

  3. I'm wonder if you went and got that tatoo just for the holiday or if you wanted it anyway. You know tatoos are 4ever!!!!

  4. Yes, I do know tattoos are forever. Fortunately, the mermaid was easily removed with a little baby oil.

  5. bagpipes are a scottish instrument.

  6. Damn those Irish folk. Bunch of thieves and rowdies who can't even get their own annoying musical instruments.

    Wasn't Ireland founded as a criminal colony? Makes sense.


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