Monday, April 17, 2006

Proof that nothing is certain and proof that nothing ever changes...
I get called opinionated (opinionated bitch, opinionated c*nt, and so on...) a lot, but I never understood why that might be a bad thing. I like people with opinions, even when they disagree with me. I know I'm not simpatico with someone if I quiz them ("chicken or fish?", "morning or night?", "amphibians or democrats?") and they shrug, hem, haw, and avoid weighing in. They are the least fun when you're in a bar playing "Who Would You Do?".

I think nine years old is a good barometer for judging how one's tastes have changed/not changed.

Things I liked when I was nine that I still like:
the smell of permanent markers
Hello Kitty erasers
chocolate chips from the freezer
things that are pink

Things I hated when I was nine but I like now:
fish on Fridays (or any day)
my sister Kristin
boys (I guess I have to put cooties on the list too then)

Things I hated when I was nine and still hate:
glazed doughnuts
Uncle Donny
reggae music
the beach

Want to make this a "nine to now" meme? Tag yourself, post your own "things I loved/hated/still love/like now" list on your blog, then leave me a comment.


  1. I don't have a blog to post mine, but I had to post and say that I too hated fish when I was a kid and I love it now! I even eat raw fish now! Isn't it weird how our tastes change? Something I loved at nine that I love now: Frosted Flakes. I could eat them every day.

  2. You know I'm good for a game of who would you do anytime.

  3. Poor Uncle Donny.

    I'm back! Let the blog stalking continue.

    Heh. heh. heh.

    (um, word verification has made up a letter. It is a double "W" totally connected so I'll have to re-enter since there is NO way of knowing if it is a "W" followed by a "V" or the other way!)

  4. hello kitty? you must be younger than i thought.

  5. Not poor Uncle Donny! He brought it on himself. Glad you're back, blog stalker! I hope you brought me a llama. I shall name him Guillermo.

    Walter, 30-ish would be sufficient. Early 30s is probably more accurate. What were you thinking?

  6. A llama?

    Ain't no damn llamas in Nepal.

    I brought back third world projectile vomit. That is gift enough for all of us.

  7. Walter Biffle's snarky comments notwithstanding, I have posted my own version of this list on my blog.

  8. Love it, Alison. And the only kind of Biffle I like is a snarky Biffle, so he can feel free to snark away. I rather like to think of myself as a connoisseur of snark. Some say that I eat snark for breakfast, but they were mistaken; it was yogurt with granola.

  9. I love it when the comments are as witty as the posts.

    And Walter: of COURSE she is much younger than you thought!

  10. There are too lamas in Nepal. The Dalia Lama, for one. Just kidding. But I think lamas live in Nepal and that area, as well as south america.


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