Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good night and good luck...

Since Katie Couric put out a call to viewers to offer suggestions for a new signoff catch phrase, I think it's time to update my own. My email signoff, that is, considering that I'm not hosting the evening news. I most often sign off with "all best," or "best," in emails. If it's a good friend, then I use "rock on" or (even better) "later, gator." How creative of me! I need a new schtick.

Some new ideas for signing off (keep in mind that they have to be fairly professional because most of my emails are work-related):
* "Blessings," or alternately, "blessed be" (this is to get back at all of the "namastes" I receive).
* "AAAs and BBBs" (because I don't know you well enough for XXXs and OOOs).
* "Stay special!!!" (I mined my high school yearbook for that one; the triple-exclamation is integral).
* "BUH-bye" (too 1990s-era SNL?).
* "Try again later" (inspired by the Magic 8-Ball I use to make work-related decisions).
* "See you in Hell" (this one just feels right).

What do you think?


  1. I think something about bitches would be more appropriate. How about, "Later, bitches!"? Too flippant?

    Maybe "Peace, Love, and Bitching"?

    Or...Bitch on!

  2. You might also want to consider something pirate-inspired:

    And yo ho ho, ye scurvy scalliwag,


    'Til I make ye walk the plank,

    or simply:


    Pirate-speak is very historical and undeniably always in style.

  3. I would like to complain that since being in the 'states, I've founf myseld saying "Hay man!", as a greeting, and as a way of saying "Ciao" to anyone - male or female.

  4. How about...

    "Blessed Be Bitch,"
    "Bye loser,"
    "You suck always,"

    those would at least FEEL good.

  5. Al - as long as it's not biaaaatch, which I find a little played out.
    jaz - I love a good "yo ho ho!"
    geoff - "Hey" is appropriately southern. You're fitting in quite nicely.
    les - I like to leave the reader with a mental image, so I'm going to skip any signoffs with "suck" in them, but you make a good point.
    ooh - PLD - I love that one!

    Thanks to all...and see you in Hell!

  6. definitely "see you in hell." because i will.

  7. If someone signed off a letter to me by saying "See you in Hell", I would do one of two things:

    1 - fally madly, head over heels inlove

    2 - buy whatever it is they are selling

  8. If you sign them "Blessed Be" you will automatically find out how many of your correspondents are Wiccan.

    Which is not a bad thing.

    I'm just saying.

    - M

  9. God, my business sign-offs of "best regards" sounds so trite upon initial inspection, but what it REALLY means is "fuck you very much." Yay!

  10. So, which witty phrase have you decided to adopt? Do tell!

    You are always welcome to use "Now beat it!"

    I find it tends to get the exact reaction I hope: it startles the sh*t out of them and cracks me up.

  11. I'm torn between "here's to being on my good side" and "see you in hell." I've gotten such a great response to "see you in hell!"


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