Monday, December 04, 2006

Be very afraid...

I am.

(My latest essay for Skirt!, which actually stemmed from something I wrote here earlier this year...)


  1. Kelly! Your latest essay in Skirt! really got under my skin. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of expression.

  2. Pixiu! That's so nice to hear, thank you.
    (see, I'm scared of compliments too, so...)

  3. just quietly? i think that was quite amazing. i feel a tad bad about being jealous of your 'badass' stage - sometimes i wish i could be like 'screw it' and know better but do it anyway. anyway i'm slowly reading all ur posts - some of them are deep and some make me crack up. i love rants (which is probably why i love to read erin's blog so much). keep on truckin (where did that come from.. i sound so.. american? just, wow).


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