Monday, March 12, 2007

Hate. Springing. Forward.

This time of year always gives me a case of the Mean Reds, and I've felt this one coming on for weeks. The change in seasons, the getting up earlier, the morning darkness, the spring in the air that makes me feel afraid and disturbingly nostalgic for things I don't want to think about anymore.

Since my life is in total disarray (I'm not exaggerating), I'm trying to decide which would be more effective: finding a new shrink or re-hiring my cleaning lady. They both cost about the same, but the shrink won't clean my house or fold my laundry or make the dust bunnies in the corners go away. On the other hand, my cleaning lady won't tell me to get the f*ck off the couch and start living my life. Or figure out why I go through these phases of hating myself that literally incapacitate me.

I detest myself even more for complaining, because so many other things in my life are so great. I have everything I've wished for since I can remember. I have wonderful friends & family, a job I adore, and a book deal. I have more things to be grateful for than I ever have in my whole life, therefore I suck for lying on the couch all weekend watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy on DVD and weeping every 45 minutes or so.

I know it isn't depression; it's fear. Fear of death, success, loss, letting go, failure, dirt, outdoors, people, food, life...everything is worthy of dread. The good news is that I've been here before and I know it won't last. I always get through, push it aside, suck it up, and move on with my life. I need a good yoga class, bike ride, shopping spree, house cleaning, or sharp rap to the back of my head to get going again. And I think I'm going to try and make all of those happen this week.

"... the blues are because you're getting fat or because it's been raining too long. You're just sad, that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?"
~Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffanys


  1. No, Kelly Glum just does not have the same ring to it... something must be done.

    What about a Have Nots! show? Are you sure going to see The Have Nots! wouldn't work the magic, flip your mood, turn your frown upside-down?

  2. One of my friends and I do an 8:15 yoga class at Serenity Now (way the hell out in Mt Pleasant) on Tuesday mornings. You should come!

  3. JAZ - How about Kelly Agoraphobic? No, it really doesn't roll off the tongue. Improv makes me nervous though, because even if the show is really good, there's always the chance I'll be singled out for forced participation.

    Alison - I admire your courage in taking an early morning yoga class! I would be asleep before the first downward dog. I am taking one this evening at Holy Cow though...and maybe roller skating Thursday evening.

    Strangely, you know what helps? Anti anxiety medication and a good night's sleep. I am feeling soooo much better this morning.

  4. Fear and ...loathing. It is a writer's burnout-plague (cross to bear) to be dissatisfied and daunting, despite what circumstances or the thin grip you have to control the circus-but that's when you realize that it's all good, but it could be better.

    Just find a positive or say Fah_k-it!

  5. Thanks, Jet. I'm feeling a lot lighter today. I think the Mean Reds evacuate faster if you let them breathe.


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