Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stuff and nonsense...

I'm not sure if it's the endorphins from yoga or the Happy Baby Pose that makes me laugh so hard in the middle of yoga class. This also happens to be my friend Katie's favorite yoga pose.

I want a Mr. Bento, even though I rarely bring lunch in such an organized fashion. My lunch usually consists of a pop top can of low sodium, low fat, Italian Wedding Soup (I love to pick out the little meatballs) or a chicken breast. I feel like I would create healthy, extravagant lunches if I had Mr. Bento. At the least, I could just take pictures of what I put into Mr. Bento.

Tearwater tea is very good for us, according to Owl at Home. Although, The Pig not having the healthy low sodium, low fat, only-kind-of-soup I like on the shelf is not on the list, so bursting into tears on the soup aisle this week was probably inappropriate.

I was so close to returning that fussy shirt/dress I bought at Target on impulse last week that it was in the bag with the receipt until this morning, when I decided to wear it. I'm glad I didn't take it back.

Last night I dreamed that Nora Ephron called and wanted to take me to lunch because she read my blog and thought I needed a reality check. I did just finish reading her latest book. I think it's because she seems like she wouldn't put up with (my) whiny crap, plus she's dealt with a lot more in her life than I have to date. I do not know what a reality check with Ms. Ephron would consist of, but I was looking forward to it.

I'm hoping to make roller-skating my regular Thursday evening activity now that the light lasts longer and it won't feel so late at 6:30.

Positivity, people! I'm full of it today. Take that any way you'd like.


  1. I bet you giggled when you typed "happy baby pose," didn't you? You can't even SAY it without giggling.

  2. I was *not* giggling this morning when I was doing the "hold onto your own ankles and rest your entire body weight on your pelvic bones" pose. I do love yoga, but sometimes I wish we'd do more restorative.

    I am so excited about rollerskating, but I think I may not be able to go until April 12 b/c of many trips out of town. This may not be an appropriate thing to post on your blog--I know we do have email for things like this--but, well, here I am.


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