Monday, April 09, 2007

What one does when one finishes a book manuscript in just under three months...

I finished it on Friday afternoon and sent it all to my editor. And then I did the following:
1. Cry (happy tears).
2. Giggle my ass off.
3. Schedule a 90-minute massage for early Saturday morning.
4. Go home, sleep, wake up for an hour, go back to sleep.
5. Get massage. Feel human and amazing enough to grocery shop at Whole Foods following massage.
6. Eat lovely roast beast sam from Whole Foods Deli for lunch.
7. Sleep, an excellent nap with no fits or guilt or jerking awake.
8. Wake up, call BFF, go shopping at mall.
9. Return home and wonder what to do with free time. Decide to watch Shortbus (loved it; incredible, riveting, shocking...but would not recommend to the even slightly prudish).
10. Feel inspired and write essay for May issue even though I promised to stay off computer for 24 hours.
11. Wake up early Sunday morning with the whole day stretching in front of me like a lovely giant yawn. Eat cereal in bed, go back to sleep until noon.
12. Spend balance of day washing clothes, cleaning house, going through weeks of mail, and calling much-neglected friends.

Now that I know I can do this book thing, I've got three or four more ideas rolling around that I might put to the test in the next few months. For now, I'm not jumping into anything else too quickly. I have a long overdue haircut scheduled for Tuesday and lots of parties to take my new party dresses to this weekend.


  1. Now I have this image of a customer at the Whole Foods deli ringing the bell over and over, wondering why lovely "roast beast" Sam isn't behind the counter any longer...

  2. Thanks, Joan! It is a great feeling.

    JAZ - oh, he's there. You just have to what to ask for...*wink*

  3. yea girlfriend! congrats!! I bet you looked stunning walking into those parties in that great dress and on those clouds.

  4. Wow, what great news! Congratulations!

  5. I think you should THROW a party for your new party dress! That's awesome!

  6. The new dress looked rather fetching last night. Marvelous, darling. Congratulations on the book, KLo. I think it calls for a celebratory trip to the craft store AND the Green Dragon!

  7. Thanks, all! And thanks, Ida - it was great to see you this weekend! Just let me know when you're up for a little Thai and yarn shopping...

  8. Don't you mean oddly flavored drinks with strange gelatinous balls that are somewhat addicting with a side order of Dungeons and Dragons? I'm ready!

  9. Congrats on finishing a novel in THREE months! Totally jealous.

    (Found you from DP, btw.)


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