Friday, May 18, 2007

Five for Friday...

Listening to: "Only You & I" by Tim from Misspelled Marquee. I found it through IndieFeed's podcast last year and it's been part of my iTunes top 25 most played ever since. Also, The Whigs "Technology," James Figurine "Apologies," and The Black Angels "Black Grease."

Eating: A hard boiled egg (but I wish it was an egg & cheese bagel with ketchup) and a microwave organic veggie lasagna my art director gave me because I forgot my real lunch today.

Reading: A really awful book my sister gave me called How to Sleep With a Movie Star. It's mind-numbing brain candy, but Katie thought I'd like it for some reason. I'm worried that she thinks my job is like the one the main character in the book has at a Cosmo-esque women's magazine. It is not. And I do not care about movie stars or sleeping with them.

Wearing: Boys jeans (don't ask), my newly repurposed belt with the skull/bottle opener buckle, and a black Banana Republic tee.

Thinking about: My next book proposal. Apparently I don't have enough to do, so I'm ready to start another manuscript!

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