Friday, June 15, 2007


Sometimes entire weeks feel like a battle between Me and Me. I constantly fight not to turn inward, inward, inward. It's self-obsession to the nth degree, as if that level of scrutiny could possibly make me better, smarter, or happier. I must get something out of it, or I wouldn't do it, right?

I often wonder if I have some kind of mental illness that makes me incapable of communicating with others on a deep and lasting level (because it occurs to me every now and then that even my family and closest friends don't know the "real" me). But I communicate for a living.

I surprise myself by occasionally dreaming about people I've only met once or twice or people who are under my invisi-square radar. That must mean I pay more attention to others than I think I do.

I hate cherry-flavored things (they taste like cough syrup to me), but I love fresh cherries and will eat them by the bagful in the summertime.

I wish I could just write books and not have to worry about the other part, like actually marketing and selling them.

I'd like to be in a committed relationship, but I'm not willing to work at it.

I judge people most harshly for things I am guilty of myself.

I wear shoes that I love even though they hurt me.


  1. Uh... do you live inside my head? Seriously. Except for cherry flavored things, which I adore.

  2. I love bananas, but hate fake banana flavoring. But I have no problem with fake cherry flavoring.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I have two metaphorical cats battling it out within me.

    Other times, I have two real live cats battling it out around my ankles.

    It all balances out.

  4. I never understood the huge discrepancy between fake cherry and fake almond which taste like each other but like neither real cherries nor real almonds. Could someone explain this? I don't like the fake stuff either, but love the real versions. I do however, kinda like fake grape, which is purple flavored.


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