Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You know how sometimes...

...the best thing you can say about a day is that you were upright throughout most of it? And that you're not taking your foul mood out on anyone else? And that you're holding it together even though you really don't want to?

Yes, all of that - and then your 3-year-old nephew goes and gets himself a tattoo. Or, at least, your sister sends you a picture of your nephew with a fake tattoo and you laugh and the rest of it seems like...well, not much at all.

You know how it is, right?


  1. Al's right, you totally do have the same chin. And at one point, you had the same blonde curls!

    And yes, I had one of those days yesterday after my MIL rearranged my living room furniture. That sounds irritating, and it was. But since I had ASKED for her help, it was pretty ungracious of me to be such a shrew. Good for you for holding it in.


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