Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Listalicious lunchtime...

I've been eating an awful lot of frozen meals - mostly Amy's Organic brand - and I think I finally reached breaking point with Mexican Tamale Pie number 15 (over a 2-week period). Someone in the office said it smelled like bug spray. I ate it. Gross.

Last night I put the TV on when I got home and left the room before I realized it was on VH1. When I came back, my plants were dead. Reason? Scott Baio is boring enough to kill vegetation. Apparently Viacom (the company that owns MTV and VH1) thinks even extraordinarily boring people make good reality TV. MTV just announced that "Tila Tequila" (just writing her name makes me want to shower) is coming back for another season. Gross.

I just don't understand the whole "I don't like Hillary" thing when it comes from women. Men I understand. They might be a little slower to accept the idea of a female candidate; they're threatened by strong women; they have issues with women in leadership positions. But my female friends? You're so smart (otherwise we wouldn't be friends) and I don't get how you can support a candidate with less experience just because you don't "like" Hillary. Looks like 2008 has created a whole new category of misogynists: Women-hating women. Gross.


  1. To support you in your dilemma on eating Amy's stuff over and over again as I do as well - My new one is eating the lemon rosemary chicken from Kashi - too many intakes of this one and it starts to taste mostly like Pledge - Gross.


  2. It may make me puke to write this, but I just (JUST! like, an hour ago!) had a conversation with someone about the same Hillary-hating idea. Apparently a lot of people who "hate" Hillary just don't think she's pretty enough. We've both actually heard people say that. (Usually disguised as, "She's just so ugly!" as if that makes it any better.)

    (Now I must go burst into flames.)

  3. AMEN, sister. I am trying not to become a raving lunatic about this (in the vein of standing on a box at the corner of King and Market shouting to passersby, or some such) but it is extremely difficult. Thanks for making me feel less alone in this!

  4. "She's just so ugly???" You have to be kidding me. OK, no one has gone THAT far with me (yet) but what the hell??? Yes, Obama is attractive (giggle giggle) but attractive doesn't mean someone is prepared to take on the mess left behind by the current administration. For crying out loud, have we ever had a president (besides Kennedy or Bill Clinton) that you would think is attractive?

    So. Angry.

  5. I don't understand the vehement hatred for Hilary Clinton either. However, I hope you're able to differentiate between those shrill red-faced nutjobs who equate her with the devil, and those of us who find another candidate preferable. I prefer Obama (in 2004 I was wishing I could vote for him instead of John Kerry) for a number of reasons, his healthcare plan and dedication to compromise among them. Obviously, if Clinton is the nominee I'll vote for her with no problems, but she isn't my first choice. Does this make me a misogynist? Does that make people who disagree with Obama racist? I don't think so. Nor do I think that's what you were getting at, but your last comment regarding the experience of Clinton vs. Obama is trending towards a G.W.B. style "With us or against us" declaration, which is probably not what you want. "Hilary Hating" (you'll find an interesting piece in January's GQ on "Hilary Hating") is different than not supporting her.

  6. How ironic...I've had 15 Stouffer's Chx Pot Pies in the last two weeks. But I'm also immensely prego and have no control over my hormones...what's your excuse? ;-)

  7. God, I KNOW! I almost slapped a friend of mine for saying, "If we're still at war, I couldn't vote for Hillary." WTF? Women slapping women.

  8. What if Condi Rice was running?Would you expect me to vote for her
    because she has a va-jay-jay? I'm not voting for a person just because they have the preferred genitalia. Somehow,I think THAT would be the wrong thing to do. It would be reverse sexism.

    Are you a racist because you didn't vote for a black man?

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    First, it's "vagina."

    Second, I think you completely missed Kelly's point, which was that it's completely baseless to vote for someone based on not LIKING the other candidate from an "I wouldn't want to be friends with her" standpoint. It's not about black, white, penis or vagina. It's about women feeling like they have to want to be friends with their chosen candidate instead of voting based on merit and platform. It's about wanting to be buddy-buddy with their candidate instead of wanting to hire him or her, which is not a good reason to make a hiring decision. And basically, that's what an election is.

  10. Anon: What Aleigh said.

    I'm not talking gender issues here, I'm talking about a subset of women that I know were originally in support of Clinton, but somewhere along the way decided they didn't "like" her. I think making an informed voting decision based on things like experience, facts, intelligence and ability is smart. Voting for a candidate because they are your race or gender is not. But it is a free country (technically) and you're welcome to swing right along with the 70% of functionally illiterate America who has difficulty understanding complicated political issues like "war" and "policy" and "recession."

    Just leave my vagina out of it.

  11. OK,OK, vagina, cunt, va-jay-jay, WHATEVER...if I were to say I don't like Hillary, I say it in the same way as "I don't like Bush". I equally don't like them for what they represent, what they've been involved in and the fact that I don't want more of the same. Everyone seems to forget that not too long ago Daddy Bush was roaming with Good ol' Bill, that's stopped since this election began to heat up. Now I'm beginning to wonder if any of them are worth voting for. People have been calling McCain a Democrat in sheep's clothing, I see Hillary as a republican masquerading a Democrat. I'm willing to bet that a year after she enters office (if she does) that this nation won't be any better off than it is now.

    Just don't question my intelligence when I'm making the hardest decision I can make and attempting to not make it based on how my friends tell me to vote. This is vote that has to be made not to make history, but for the interests of our country's future. I don't hate Hillary because she's a chick, I dislike that that she represents everything I'm against.

    You never did answer my question though...if Condi was running, would you expect me to vote for her? She has PLENTY of experience, but again, it would be more of the same. It is time for a woman, just not this woman, just like it wasn't time for John Edwards, who in my opinion, was the better candidate of the three.


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