Thursday, February 14, 2008

In honor of Valentine's Day...

And because I haven't done one of these in a while, my latest "love list."

J'adore: The way Valentines that come in the boxes that you used to give out to classmates smell, lingerie we buy for ourselves, my new favorite perfume, friends who inspire me, friends who are living on the edge, far-away friends I miss until my heart hurts, friends who let me sleep over when I'm in town, my sweet little sister and her little peep, the audio book I bought after my signing at Joseph Beth to listen to on my late night drive back from Charlotte, keeping the faith, an upcoming party/oyster roast on Goldbug Island, not having to age gracefully, a shot of color (vineyard!) in my otherwise somber wardrobe, open windows in early evenings, dark chocolate-covered strawberries that came as a surprise, women who put the "femme" in feminism, I have wings in my dreams, trying this on for a while before getting it for real, I'm not the the only one obsessed with my cat, and you. Always you.

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