Sunday, August 30, 2009

Questions that probably do have answers if I thought about them long enough...

Because I usually work stuff like this out in my head, but I've been slacking off on (a) posting here and (b) maintaining social contact (and when you work from home and communicate with others primarily by phone and email, it can start to make you feel like you're slowly disappearing and maybe going a little bit crazy because you've started to have lengthy conversations with your dog or your cat...not that I'm doing that).
  • Why am I posting less often here on Microfamous? One, because the work for which I get paid takes precedence. Two, Twitter and Facebook, the biggest Time-Sucking Wormholes in the universe.
  • When I'm walking my dog, why do other people with dogs sometimes cross the street to avoid me? She's 6 pounds of dog and 3 pounds of fur and is the least aggressive dog in the neighborhood. Is it me? Am I violating some neighborhood dog etiquette?
  • How long has it been since I spent a quiet Sunday evening soaking in a hot bath with a good book? I CAN'T REMEMBER, that's how long. I have Trouble by Kate Christensen (started it earlier today) and it is going to join me in a bubble bath with an icy glass of Le Croix. (Library, I promise not to get it wet).
  • I am completely addicted to True Blood and Mad Men. If I had Showtime, I would have some viewing conflicts, so I watch Weeds, Californication, and Dexter on DVD all at once. I watched six episodes of Californication on Friday night (until around 2am), so I'm not sure if this is the most effective way to feed my television addiction. My friend Michael just got cable after not having it for almost three years. I think not having cable made him smarter. I wonder if TV really does make one lose a few IQ points?
  • My sister Katie just created a Facebook account. She just got the Internet 2 months ago and said she would never have a Facebook account. Should I take bets on how long it takes her to (a) sign up for Twitter or (b) start her own blog? Part II: Should I rally the rest of the family to make sure my mother doesn't sign up for Facebook and/or find my blog? Note: taking the chance that one of my sisters or nieces will betray me and send direct link to my blog to my mother via email. She has The Email and uses the Internet primarily for buying things from Sephora and Ann Taylor online. I don't want her reading my Twitter updates, but I wouldn't mind someone telling her about my Sephora Gift Registry.
  • Is it normal to accept a party invitation just because you have a craving for tiny meatballs on toothpicks and cucumber sandwiches? Sometimes you just don't want DINNER dinner. I wish there was a delivery service that delivered party food in small increments. Like for one.

Navel-gazing accomplished.


  1. If I were walking my crazy jumping bean of a dog (the lovable Bella or ferocious Diego) and saw you coming towards us in the distance, I too might cross the road. Not because I was afraid of your furball, but because I wanted to spare you from mine!

  2. My mom is all over my Facebook. She loves to comment on my status and links. Sweet and annoying at the same time.

    I'll see you at the Center for Women next weekend! Glad we're BOTH getting out of the house.

  3. Leigh - that might be the reason. I think I'm being paranoid!

    Angie - my mother actually said something after I wrote this about getting her own FB account. I didn't want to ask her if she'd read this blog post. I asked her why the hell she'd want to be on FB and that it was going to suck up all her time. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend too!


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