Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because I haven't done one of these in a while...

A "gratitude" post, that is...the last time was in February of 2008, I figured it was time to do a "what I love" list - some Austin-related, others not.

J'adore: Sparkling Lime IZZE soda (they didn't sell IZZE at the Food Lion in my old neighborhood in Charleston), PITT Artist pens are helping me get back to the notebook writing basics, healthy cooking shows on FitTV (love having digital cable again), early morning and late evening dog walking up and down the hills in my neighborhood, my new purple shorts with front and back pockets from The Gap, the Zocalo plate with avocado from Zocalo Cafe for lunch (also love the Tacos Del Mar with watermelon salsa), that I don't need health insurance to get affordable health care here (even with a diabetic specialist), the pet store that's within walking distance of my house - Just for Pets - and the owners who love my dog...I bring Lulu there often to get bully sticks (she loves them, I love them because they keep her busy; I just don't think too hard about what they're made of), my new pink gel iPhone case, two-for-$5 tacos at the taco bar at the gigantic Whole Foods, Sunday afternoon naps, Neutrogena 110 SPF dual spectrum oil-free sunscreen, washing it off, the extraordinarily ugly wide-brimmed sun hat (mine is in black) that makes me look like a total dork (but I love that a. I do not care and b. it protects my face from the brutal Texas sun...seriously, it's not even officially summer here and I'm already freckling), Half-Price Books (one of the most organized used books store I've ever visited), and that I can walk to the grocery store (HEB), CVS, Starbucks, La Salsa, Quiznos, and around the track around the middle school up the street after school hours.


  1. My list would contain the fact that you continue to write and share it with us! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for your nice words and I will! Did you move your blog from blogspot or have you tapered off as well? I check in from time to time...

  3. PS: YOU BOUGHT A PAIR OF SHORTS? I think we may be able to counteract global warming due to hell freezing over when that purchase was made.

  4. I have tapered off, but you inspire me! :)
    I'll let ya know when I get it together again.

  5. I live in Texas now! Also, I've lost about 25 lbs since I moved here and my thighs no longer jiggle (all that hill-walkihg!) so I rewarded myself with short-shorts. Also please notice THEY ARE NOT BLACK! And I might go back and get the moss green pair since I love them so much.

    Please do, CharlestonGirl - I miss your restaurant reviews (you may have been the last people in Charleston to visit a Carey Hilliards). Ha!


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