Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why I do not look pretty on the weekends...

If the sun is shining (the Texas sun is brutal, y'all) and I'm not doing anything social, I usually spend the day covered in sunscreen because I put it on every time I take the dog out. Weekends are also the days when I exercise most, so in addition to sunscreen, I also wear giant sunglasses and a really ugly (told you!) sun hat.


a) No matter how good the sunscreen is, and even if it is "oil-free," no one looks pretty covered in white paste.
b) I look terrible in hats. Always have, always will. My head is big. Hats are small.
c) Hair is dirty because I usually wait until evening to shower, knowing that it's going to get sunscreen in it and have a hat on it.
d) I don't feel self conscious walking down the street dressed head-to-toe in black with incognito sunglasses and a sun hat because my neighborhood is culturally diverse, I see men in dresses and women carrying sun umbrellas, plus Austin is a little weird so they probably just look at me and go, "oh, vampire...no biggie."
e) I am not smirking in this photo. I am grimacing because I was sweaty and got sunscreen in my mouth and sunscreen tastes like shit.
f) Yes, mom, I put my nose ring back in. It's part of my mid-life crisis and I'm enjoying it.


  1. Lol...I like the hat and sun glasses..makes you look (dare I say....) younger..and hip...;)

  2. Awww, you're so sweet! Nothing wrong with saying I look younger...no-one believes my real age anyway. But that hat? Fugly. It also squeezes my big ass head and leaves a mark on my forehead.

  3. I missed the nose ring! Awesome.

  4. I thought I was getting too old for it, but then my new stylist told me that she and my neighbor (who is the aesthetician at the salon) thought I was THEIR AGE (which is 27). So I decided that (a) I am not too old, (b) I am only as old as I look/feel, and (c) right now I feel 27. Nose ring comes out of jewelry storage!

  5. I too have a big ass head. I feel your pain. I think you look just fine in your hat and sunscreen ensemble.:-) Love the nose ring, I've been missing mine lately. I think I'm about due for a mid-life crisis though......


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