Friday, November 12, 2010

Cooler weather brings out the love...

And because I haven't done one of these lists since the spring (not that I didn't love anything during the summer, but it was HOT, y'all, and I never did find a sunscreen that didn't taste like shit). Since I recently dug the sweaters out of the back of the closet and threw an extra blanket on the bed, j'adore:

Sleeping with the windows open (see extra blanket on the bed); boot weather - the UGGS are back, plus I found two new great pairs super at Marshall's ($20 for slouchy black leather boots when the only pair left was in my size? The Universe wanted me to have them) and these grey suede lovelies from DSW (way less than retail); I haven't caved in to the jeggings trend yet but I do live in leggings, boots, and tunics/sweaters/mini-dresses in the winter; now that it's cooler at night, Miss Kitty loves being warm more than she hates the dog, so get to curl up at night with both of my furbabies; this is what the skyline in Austin looks like at night (and I don't mind that it gets dark earlier); post-summer in Austin, people emerge like they do up north after being snowed in and it's fun and free to people-watch (which can be really interesting here...check out one of my favorite Austin photography sites); I finally watched Whip It, which was filmed in Austin, and it was not only cool to see local landmarks like this one:

But it also (sort of) made me want to sign up for one of the teams here (yes, in Charleston we had one, flat track, in Austin there are many and leagues and bank tracks and teams and really tough chicks); one of my favorite fashion web sites (no, it isn't Prada) inspired me to add "thrifting" to my "things to do" list and I'm planning on browsing some of the great thrift stores in Austin this weekend, including Buffalo Exchange; taking the dog for long walks in the morning and coming back to a house that smells like strong coffee (and then having a cup on the back deck); that I'm brave enough to cut my own hair (bangs!); having free time to write; creative inspiration; and just living, living, living.

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