Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Summertime and the living is easy...

And I can't seem to catch the holiday spirit when it's almost 80 degrees outside. I haven't even put up the sparkly pink tree yet. I love living in Charleston, but I thought we had a deal: I only have to suffer through the heat three months out of the year.

I have a few holiday soirees to go to this weekend and I'm hoping I'll get inspired to drag out the tree and its disco balls. Either that, or I'll just drag in a pine branch from the side of the road, throw some ribbon on it, and have a Charlie Brown Christmas.

And tonight we (by we, I mean me and all the cool women I work with) will be at Muse Restaurant & Wine Bar for a "Sip With Skirt!" December event. 5-7, $20 at the door, and I promise to be entertaining for exactly two hours or until my Xanax wears off. Hope to see you there!


  1. I agree completely! I SWEATED yesterday walking 2 blocks. FTW? And, when can I wear all my fabulous wintry garb? Warm December weather: HATE.

  2. What have I SAID about having parties when I'm not there? Excuse me!

  3. So, have you put up the sparkly pink tree yet? Well? Do we need to go to Michael's??

  4. I haven't! It's lame, I know, but since the holiday dinner will be at my mom's this year, I just might not put it up at all! Maybe a trip to Michael's for inspiration...


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