Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Must stay away from mall...

This is my third attempt this week at posting something that doesn't make me sound like a grinch. I really do love the holidays, I'm just feeling a bit inundated. Overwhelmed. Holiday-ed out, and I haven't really done any shopping yet. It's the commercials, the Muzak, the decorations that have been up since Halloween, the non-stop screeching of "deck the halls" and "favorite things" from holiday carol CDs in the office, the "buy buy buy" TV commercials and inane news stories about making your own gifts or recycling gifts or buying better gifts on the morning programs.

And all of that does sound a bit grinchly, does it not? I do not want to stand in line, spend too much, shop until I drop, or enjoy great! holiday! savings! I don't want a last minute deal. I don't want to know what the rules of regifting are.

I really just want to hang out with my sisters and nieces and do family things. I want to make the chicken liver spread my sister Katie loves and sit on a fat couch with my fat nephew on my fat lap. I want to ride on my sister Karen's girlfriend's motorcycle until I can't feel my face because of the cold. I want to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" with my niece Keri. I want to sing with my sister Kristin in our cartoon voices until the cat freaks out and hides. I want to start a "who's going to cry?" family betting pool.

I'm going to enjoy the hell out of my time off this year.


  1. Me too. I've tried to post something on my personal blog every day for the past week, and every day I delete it because it's too feeling-sorry-for-myself-during-the-holidays.

  2. No pink sparkly tree?

  3. The mall is hideous.

    I tried to grab a few stocking stuffers on my way home the other day and my "need to flee the madding crowd" instinct went into overdrive.

    It was like midnight-at-the-Acme level badness.

  4. Save one of those vacation days for me and a steaming Vietnamese noodle bowl. Lunch date!

  5. Happy new year to ya, Kelly love! Thanks for the good reads in 2007.

  6. From this year forth, all presents shall be bought online, including knitted gifts. Grinch away. The holidays deserved it this year. I'm still waiting to get hit by a truck. Oh wait, that already happened.


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